At Bryan Design Group, we believe that expert design is found in the details. Assembling a space that is timeless, beautiful, and truly functional requires a level of attention and care that only comes from years of experience and a client-centered approach. 


Our work is less about achieving a specific style and more about creating a certain outcome. Our goal is to tell your story and to help you make a lasting investment in your daily life in the form of thoughtful design. 

Each project begins with an in-person consultation, in which we learn about you, your home, and how you want to live in it. This conversation becomes the foundation of our vision for your space and the key to a truly custom design.


Whether you need help placing furniture or building a home from the ground up, we have the skill and knowledge to guide you through the process. The end result is a turnkey experience and a refined home curated with your personal style and needs in mind. 







I'm the founder and principal designer at Bryan Design Group. For ten years, I've been transforming residential and senior living spaces in Southern California. My designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the place I call home, the challenge of balancing form and function, and the unique stories of our clients.